The Poem

pexels-photo-189532.jpegAt 6:47 this morning I woke up to the ding ding dinging of my phone. Someone was frantically texting me. My first thoughts were that it was either one of my children, one of my patients in crisis, or a group text to make plans for the weekend. I blearily rolled over, sleepily picked up my phone and looked to make sure that it wasn’t an emergency. It wasn’t. It was a series of poems about the rain from someone that I had been talking to on a dating site and had not yet met.  My first reaction was to roll my eyes in irritation. Really? I don’t even know you and you’re already sending me poetry? And in French? And before 7 AM?  I put down my phone,  got out of bed and continued with my day. But as I was reading my morning paper and drinking my coffee the poem stayed with me. I thought to myself, why was this so annoying to me? What meaning did I attribute to some stranger sending me a poem?  So, like I do with my patients I decided to slow down my thought process and see if I could make any sense of this reaction. Continue reading →